Supper Club 76 is bringing families together and making meals easier by minimizing the time required to plan, prepare, and clean up after dinner. The company slogan is “We are ending the ‘What’s for Dinner?’ dilemma”. 


Supper Club 76 prepares slow cooker meals in a 10-pack Meal Kit Box. Each month Supper Club 76 offers a different Meal Kit Box containing ten new prepared recipes, as well as ten slow cooker liners. A Meal Kit contains all the sauces, spices, and vegetables that go into the slow cooker with the meat or a meat substitute the customer provides to create an entrée.


Originally located in Kingfisher, Supper Club 76 is now a client of the Launch Pad FT Business Incubator in Edmond. The move provides significant increased capacity and the ability to better serve the Oklahoma City Metro Area. The slow cooker prepared meals are great for families and individuals who want healthy, balanced meals, but have little time to prepare on a daily basis.


Reviews, previous monthly menus, and pictures from current customers can be seen on the company Facebook page, www.facebook.com/supperclub76. The current month meal kit menu and ordering instructions are available at www.supperclub76.com.


For more information on Supper Club 76 or the Launch Pad FT Business Incubator, call 405-717-4947.

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