Restaurant and Retail Holiday Rebate Program

Friday, November 25th – Sunday, December 4th

Due to the success of our Small Business Saturday program, the Edmond Area Chamber of Commerce and Edmond Economic Development Authority are partnering again to offer the Holiday Gift Card Rebate Program!

For every $50 you spend (rounded down) from November 25 through December 4 at an Edmond restaurant or retailer, you will earn a $10 gift card to the business/businesses you support. This offer is good for up to $250 in spending, which result in a maximum of $50 gift card. Receipts from Edmond Chamber of Commerce members will be preferred, but all qualifying purchases from local businesses within Edmond city limits will be eligible for consideration. 

This offer is also valid at the downtown Edmond VIBES event on Thursday, December 1st.

Once funds are depleted, there is no guarantee of a gift card rebate, so submit your receipts as soon as you can!  

 Rules and limitations:

  • Limit $50 in rebates per household, for total purchases of $250+
  • Receipts must be from an Edmond Chamber member or local business within Edmond city limits 
  • Purchases must be made between November 25 and December 4
  • Receipts must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Monday, December 5
  • Purchases must generate sales tax (please ask us if you’re not sure)
  • Excludes grocery stores, medical and pharmacy purchases, professional services and cost of labor
  • Multiple receipts can be submitted to reach $250 maximum but all receipts must be from Edmond Chamber members or local business within Edmond city limits
  • Rebates are first come, first-served until funds are dispersed

Purchases that can help support our small retailers and restaurants:

  • Gift certificates and gift cards
  • Pay it forward – Buy a gift card or certificate for someone else
  • Shop your small retailer’s online stores
  • Carry out or delivery meals
  • Buy a meal for someone in need
  • Buy a movie ticket or other entertainment passes for an event to look forward to
  • Purchase car parts for your vehicle (only parts purchases would be eligible for rebate, not labor for repairs)

For questions, please contact Kristen King at or call (405) 216-2031. Please note our staff will not be in the office during weekend hours, but we will be reachable by email for your questions. 

Click here for the submission form.

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