LevelOps Energy, a graduate of The Launch Pad FT at Francis Tuttle, was recently named the Incubator Graduate of the Year by the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA), formerly the National Business Incubator Association. The award will be presented at the 31st International Conference on Business Incubation in Seattle on March 28.

With experience in the energy and technology industries, the LevelOps Energy team can ensure delivery of every element of IT through field networking, wireless communications, automation, SCADA, measurement, and telemetry. The company graduated from Launch Pad FT in 15 months after completing all milestones and expanding beyond the capacity of the incubator facility.

In 2016, the oil and gas industry experienced a downturn. Though 75 percent of LevelOps Energy’s revenue at the time was derived from the oil and gas industry, owners Sid Helms, Caleb Eastman and Shane Nielson were able to maintain full employment of approximately 45 employees through opportunities in electrical contracting. LevelOps Energy added a number of new clients in 2016, including Walmart and IBM. One very visible success was the installation of five pilot implementations of a new checkout process at three Oklahoma City and two Texas Walmart stores.

LevelOps Energy was named the Client of the Year in 2015 by InBIA. The company is the first to receive both Client of the Year and Graduate of the Year.

InBIA is a global nonprofit organization that has welcomed and supported entrepreneurial organizations for more than 30 years. There are approximately 750 incubators active in the association from approximately 50 countries.

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