Public Safety

Public Safety

Edmond’s Police Department, Fire Department, Central Communications (9-1-1 Call Center) and Emergency Management provide professional public safety services to the Edmond community. Edmond’s Public Safety Services work in partnership to provide the highest quality and protection to Edmond residents, guests, and visitors.

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Crime Rate

Edmond has the lowest crimes per thousand rate among the top ten largest cities in Oklahoma.

YearCrimes Per Thousand Ratio

Source: City of Edmond

Public Safety Center

The 70,000-square-foot multipurpose Public Safety Center, located at the southeast corner of First and Littler, opened in October 2015. The building houses the Edmond Police Department, Public Safety Communications and Emergency Management functions. In addition, a 15,000-square-foot Police Support Ancillary Facility was constructed west of 33rd and Broadway. This facility houses Evidence Storage, Lab Work and related functions. The estimated total cost for both buildings is $32.29 million.

Edmond Police Department

The Edmond Police Department is committed to making the Edmond community a safe place to live, work and visit by providing trustworthy service. The Edmond Police Department is dedicated to keeping Edmond citizens informed and involved through crime prevention and personal safety education, school resource officers (SROs), an annual Citizens Police Academy, and an ongoing commitment to community relations.

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Edmond Fire Department

The Edmond Fire Department provides fire, rescue, and medical services, as well as hazardous materials, dive, and technical rescue response services for the City of Edmond. As an organization, they strive to provide the highest possible level of service to everyone who lives in, works in, or visits Edmond.

The Edmond Fire Department has a fire protection rating of Class 1. The Insurance Services Office reviews fire prevention and suppression capabilities of local departments on a scale of one to ten.

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